A specialized area or line of employment, maybe connected to the military or another profession, is referred to as a "jawan field."

Place of Work: The actual or virtual setting in which people perform the duties or tasks associated with their jobs.

Assortment is the existence of a wide variety of things, people, or features in a certain setting, like a workplace.

Age 12: This could be a reference to the age of twelve, but without further context, its relationship to the other aspects of the title is unclear.

Film starring the famed Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is referred to as "Shah Rukh Khan's Movie."

Crosses: Infers that Shah Rukh Khan's film has outperformed some other film or benchmark in some major way.

The Indian action sequel "KGF: Chapter 2" is known as "KGF 2," and it is most likely being referred to when people use this term.

Bollywood's competitive attitude is indicated by the phrase "competition in Bollywood," where films compete for viewers' attention and box office success.

Movies' box office performance is frequently determined by how much money they bring in.

Impact on the Film Industry: Infers that Shah Rukh Khan's film has achieved something notable, perhaps even outperforming or reaching "KGF: Chapter 2" in some fashion.