Even on its sixth Saturday, "Gadar 2," starring the charismatic Sunny Deol, draws crowds to the few available movie screens.

As it continues to enjoy high occupancy rates, the movie's incredible endurance is clear.

The star power of Sunny Deol and the franchise's history both contribute to the movie's continued success.

"Gadar 2" has been able to hold the audience's interest and generate buzz for weeks.

The movie's box office performance hasn't been hampered by its limited release, demonstrating its ongoing appeal.

The movie is incredibly full, which indicates its endurance and appeal.

The famous character's reappearance by Sunny Deol has been a big draw for fans.

Screen constraints can be overcome by intriguing plot and strong acting, as "Gadar 2" has demonstrated.

Consistently high occupancy rates suggest a potent word-of-mouth impact for the movie.

In a competitive movie market, "Gadar 2" has cemented its status as a blockbuster and established new benchmarks for box office success.