Be it the Punjabi movie ‘Mastaney’ the Hindi Horror-Mystery 1920:Horrors Of The Center’, the Who finished it ‘Gaslight’ or the form ‘Hunter’ and his utmost let go ‘Adhura’: Rahul Dev is profitable innumerable hearts together with his versatility, excellent seems, deep tone

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MUMBAI: Rahul Dev is well one of the crucial flexible and proficient actors that we have got within the Indian leisure business. His appeal and on-screen versatility speaks for itself… refuse marvel, the affection and look up to of the target market has been his largest validation through the years as a acting artiste. He’s some of the only a few actors who’s made a mark in no longer simply Hindi however in movie tasks of all languages. He not too long ago inspired everybody together with his personality of ‘Nader Shah’ within the Punjabi blockbuster ‘Mastaney’ i’m ready within the length 1738, and these days, he’s receiving a dozen of honour for a similar. Now not simply that, previous to that, we noticed in tasks like Gaslight, Adhura and Hunter, he slayed with perfection. Referring to this blonde section, Rahul Dev says,

“God has been kind and I am blessed to have had good projects coming my way. By good projects, I don’t just a good role. For me it means diverse,,unique roles with depth, which genuinely offer me the opportunity to challenge my self as an actor… It gives me a scope to work on different dialects in speech be it the Haryanvi Cop from the contemporary thriller ‘Hunter’, speaking in Punjabi Urdu for Emperor ‘Nader Shah’ in a period film set in 1738, a vulnerable yet brave father in the 1920 sequel, with a polished SP in Gaslight or a no nonsense CBI officer Bedi in Adhura… these roles have helped extract the best out of me as an actor. 
As an actor, one hopes to perform versatile parts that draws out different sides of your personality… I feel lucky that I to be blessed with such opportunities across multiple languages. ‘Mastaney’ has been a brilliant experience for me and I am so happy to be a part of a magnum opus like this. The biggest Punjabi film ever, which has released in over 35 countries with theatres being added on a daily basis due to the strong word of mouth… it released in over 100 theatres in UP, a record of sorts, in addition to being screened in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi & Mumbai. The scale is humongous and it’s a record for any Punjabi film till date I am told. 
Earlier, on March 22nd, the thriller larger than life series ‘Hunter’ had released on Amazon MiniTV and i played a grey character, a strong headed Haryanvi Cop called Huda, a role I thoroughly enjoyed because of the use of the Haryanvi dialect. In fact there were a lot of memes of the entertaining dialogues, part improvised by me which was doubly satisfying. 
Also had the series from Emmay Entertainment ‘Adhura’ on Amazon Prime Video in which I played a honest & accomplished CBI officer Bedi. 
Then there was the role of an IPS uniformed cop Ashok Tanwar in the Akshai Puri & Tips Entertainment film ‘Gaslight’ which released on Disney Plus Hotstar and was a success. The vulnerable  father who bravely fights for his daughter’s safety in Vikram Bhatt’s ‘1920: Horrors of the Heart’ was an entirely different experience.
Must add that it’s been a very creative phase professionally and I am glad that all of these projects have been greeted with success. 
More than anything else, the fact that all my roles were so varied & diversely different from each other, helped get the love and appreciation from my audience. Grateful indeed.”

Rahul Dev’s personality of Nader Shah fetched him an amazing quantity of affection and affection or even his co-star Tarsem Jassar used to be all praises for him. Not too long ago, all through an interview with TV9 Punjab-Himachal Pradesh-J&Okay, he mentioned,

“Rahul Dev sir is a great actor. For the character of Nader Shah, we had thought about him only and our only hope was that we get his dates. I remember when our director had the first conversation with him on this, he asked whether the scale is actually planned for a regional Punjabi cinema or not. He was perhaps a little in disbelief regarding the scale of the project. Eventually, when he came on set, he was surprised. Eventually, it all happened and we are glad that we have a great actor like Rahul Dev for this film.”

Kudos to Rahul Dev for slaying in a couple of roles throughout other platforms and languages and being an inspiration for others with the best way he’s. We congratulate him in this magnificent section. Keep tuned for extra updates.

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