WWE SmackDown Effects – 6/21/24 (CM Punk and Cody Rhodes to look)

WWE SmackDown Effects – 6/21/24 (CM Punk and Cody Rhodes to look)
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WWE SmackDown Effects – 6/21/24 (CM Punk and Cody Rhodes to look)
WWE SmackDown Effects – 6/21/24 (CM Punk and Cody Rhodes to look)

WWE Friday Evening SmackDown Effects
June 21, 2024
Allstate Enviornment in Rosemont, Illinois.
Observation: Corey Graves and Wade Barrett
Effects via: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE SmackDown kicks off with clips from Strike on the Citadel and the primary match between Damian Priest and Drew McIntyre. We shorten to Drew’s promo on Uncooked the place he vacate and went away.

Are living within the enviornment, raucous “CM Punk” chants from the people and CM Punk’s song hits. He comes out to a noisy ovation from the WWE enthusiasts.

He runs across the ring, greeting the enthusiasts and will get into the hoop. A noisy “CM Punk” chant and he says it’s stunning to be alive on a Friday evening in Chicago. He says each past he comes out, he’s decorative to be graced of their presence, this is drive. Wrestling or talking in entrance of your house the town target audience is drive. Promising to do your highest and advance away champion in entrance of your crowd is drive.

He mentions July 17, 2011 the place he promised himself and everybody that he was once committing to advance out of his fatherland the WWE Champion. This is drive. He may have slipped on a banana peel and made an embarrassement out of himself and Chicago however he didn’t do this. He was once advised he was once committing to get jumped in Glasgow, that they wanted extra safety. He requested if he ruined everyone’s hour and the people says disagree.

Punk says for weeks and months, Drew McIntyre kicked him presen he was once unwell. And on account of guarantees he all the time made and stored, Drew was once additionally kicking Chicago. You’ll be able to do 3 issues. Both keep unwell which isn’t an possibility. You’ll be able to stand and switch the alternative cheek, he’s from Chicago, that’s not an possibility. He selected the Chicago manner, they need to ship him to the medical institution, he’s going to ship them to the morgue. He stated he deliberate on burying Drew’s profession six ft beneath, he simply didn’t suppose it could be that simple.

He says Drew vacate, he may now not jerk the drive. He stated Drew took his ball and went house.

Out comes Paul Heyman who says “ladies and gentleman” and CM Punk is surprised. The enthusiasts chant “ECW”. Heyman introduces himself and he isn’t out to disrespect Punk. Of all crowd, he would by no means disrespect him. Heyman says he it’s scorching outdoor and when Punk opens a display, it’s scorching within the enviornment.

Heyman says Punk sat after to his kids when he was once inducted into the WWE Corridor of Status. Regardless of being the sensible guy for the Tribal Chife Roman Reigns, Heyman advised the arena that Punk was once his highest buddy. He supposed it upcoming and he manner it now. He’s out in an pressing condition. Heyman asks Punk if he would possibly get into the hoop. The enthusiasts chant “We want Roman”.

CM Punk says there isn’t one individual on this planet who can hijack his promo and get the enthusiasts to chant Roman Reigns except for Heyman. The enthusiasts chant “CM Punk”. Heyman will get within the ring and so they hug.

Heyman wipes away a tear and says he wanted that. Heyman says he got here out as a result of using in at the radio, they have been paying attention to the radio and so they stated that Chicago is CM Punk’s the town. And that annoyed Solo Sikoa as a result of now that Solo is the top of the desk, Solo desires each the town to be his the town. Heyman says that the hour he’s going to get medically cleared, who ever will get within the ring with Punk will be told that they’re within the ring with the most productive on this planet. And if Punk does now not pull out of the hoop at the moment, they’re coming for him.

He tells Punk to thrill pull out of there at the moment.

Punk seems at Heyman and he says the Bloodline goes to attempt and leap him in Chicago. The enthusiasts chant “f*** you Solo” and Solo’s song hits.

Out come The Bloodline. Solo tells Punk if he desires to be on SmackDown, his display, in his town, he has two choices. One is that he will pay his recognize to The Bloodline or two they’re going to manufacture certain Punk by no means will get cleared to combat once more. The enthusiasts chant “CM Punk” and Punk asks Heyman what partiality Heyman would ask of Punk if Punk have been to do that partiality.

Heyman tells Punk to jerk him with him.

Punk raises his hand and says he recognizes the truth that he does now not see The Bloodline status in entrance of him. He sees a host of pretend ass Usos and a phony cosplay Tribal Leading. Heyman leaves the hoop and The Bloodline get up at the ring apron and get within the ring. Out runs Cody Rhodes with two baseball bats. He provides one to Punk and The Bloodline reduce the hoop.

Cody tells Solo that he thinks he’s the Head of the Desk. Punk says he has already crushed one Head of the Desk. Cody demanding situations Solo to a fit this night.

Bianca Belair is behind the scenes stretching and in comes Jade. She tells Bianca that she is going to discuss to Aldis about them getting a rematch for his or her WWE Tag Staff Championships nearest Bianca’s fit. Bianca consents and is going out for her fit.

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We shorten to Cody Rhodes strolling behind the scenes and he’s prevented via Randy Orton and Kevin Owens. Orton asks Cody if he’s certain that he desires to stand Solo this night lonely. Cody says he has this and so they shake on it. Orton walks away and Owens tells Cody he doesn’t adore it, they all the time have a plan. Cody says he’s most definitely proper however he has a plan too and Cody walks away.

Girls’s Cash within the Vault Qualifying Fit: Chelsea Inexperienced vs. Michin vs. Bianca Belair

The bell rings and we’re beneath manner. Bianca and Michin double staff Chelsea and Chelsea falls onto the mat and to the outdoor of the hoop. Michin is going for a shed kick however Bianca strikes out of the way in which. Bianca runs to the ropes however Chelsea drags her to the outdoor. Michin is going for a baseball slide however Chelsea strikes out of the way in which. Bianca with a proper hand onto Chelsea and he or she takes her unwell. Michin with a proper hand on Bianca and Bianca with proper arms. Chelsea will get again within the ring and he or she lands a suicide dive onto them.

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Again from business, Michin with a sundown turn on Bianca however Bianca kicks out. Michin throws Bianca to the outdoor of the hoop. Chelsea will get to her ft and is going for hte Unpretty Her however Michin will get out of it. A headbutt via Michin and he or she hits Chelsea with the Types Strike. She is going for the safeguard however Bianca breaks it up. Bianca with a let go German suplex onto Michin. Bianca hits her with the KOD. Chelsea throws Bianca to the outdoor. Chelsea is going for the safeguard and will get the pin.

Winner: Chelsea Inexperienced

A noisy ovation from the people as Chelsea celebrates within the ring.

We shorten to Heyman with Solo. Heyman seems scared and Solo asks him if he desires to reduce and Heyman says he does now not. Solo tells him prior to he leaves with CM Punk, he wishes him to say to the residue of the Bloodline one thing. Heyman says he’s going to take charge of it at the moment. Solo says when Heyman comes again, they want to have a chat.

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We see clips of terminating generation’s display involving Grayson Waller, Austin Principle and DIY.

We shorten behind the scenes, Kayla is with Grayson. He tells her when he wins this night, he’s going to advance to Cash within the Vault and win the ladder fit for him and Principle. In come DIY who inform Grayson that terminating generation,Grayson sacrificed his highest buddy. We pay attention raucous banging at the storage door at the back of them.

The door opens and we see a bloodied CM Punk with Drew McIntyre status in entrance of him. Drew selections Punk up on his shoulders and walks in opposition to the hoop.

Drew drops Punk at the ramp. Drew mocks Punk, happening on one knee. He grabs Punk’s bracelet and places it in his patch. Out comes Nick Aldis who pushes Drew and Drew pushes him again. The audio will get became off for a couple of seconds as they cry at every alternative. Out come WWE officers and EMT’s.

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Again from business, we see CM Punk being taken out on a stretcher into an ambulance.

Males’s Cash within the Vault Qualifying Fit: Randy Orton vs. Tama Tonga vs. Carmelo Hayes

The bell rings and we’re beneath manner. Tama and Carmelo double staff Orton within the nook. Tama pushes Carmelo away and Carmelo with a college boy safeguard however Tama kicks out. Orton with an uppercut on Carmelo and he throws Tama to the outdoor of the hoop. Tama and Carmelo double staff Orton at the outdoor of the hoop however Orton with proper arms. He slams each males onto the announce desk.

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Again from business, Tama with proper arms onto Carmelo within the ring. A chin lock via Tama in the course of the hoop however Carmelo will get out of it. Carmelo with a changed face buster. He is going for the safeguard however Tama kicks out. Carmelo with a springboard off the second one rope however Tama catches him with a again breaker. He is going for the safeguard however Orton breaks it up. Orton with an uppercut and a clothesline. Orton with a snap powerslam onto Tama. Carmelo at the lead rope and Orton with a proper hand. Orton climbs the second one rope and he lands a suplex. He is going for the safeguard however Tama breaks it up. Tama with a sleeper on Orton however Orton slams him onto the mat. Tama with proper arms and Orton with a thumb to the visual.

Carmelo with the First 48 onto Orton. Tama with a face buster onto Orton. Carmelo and Tama with proper arms. Carmelo pushes Tama onto Orton and Orton throws him to the hoop apron. Orton throws Carmelo onto the hoop apron. Orton with a double DDT.

Orton is going for the RKO, Tana Loa will get at the ring apron and Orton knocks Loa off the hoop apron. Owens at the outdoor and he hits Loa with proper arms. Tama runs in opposition to Orton and Orton throws him to the outdoor. Carmelo rolls Orton up from at the back of and will get the pin.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

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