WWE Collision on the Fortress – 6/15/24 (Damian Priest vs. Drew McIntyre for the International Heavyweight Championship, “I Quit” Identify Fit)

WWE Clash at the Castle results
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WWE Collision on the Fortress - 6/15/24 (Damian Priest vs. Drew McIntyre for the International Heavyweight Championship, "I Quit" Identify Fit)
WWE Collision on the Fortress - 6/15/24 (Damian Priest vs. Drew McIntyre for the International Heavyweight Championship, "I Quit" Identify Fit)

WWE Collision on the Fortress Effects
June 15, 2024
Glasgow, Scotland (OVO Hydro)
Statement: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Wade Barrett
Effects via: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever. Together.” The WWE video leads us into the display.

We see a video of lovers arriving on the OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, previous nowadays.

Video: Undisputed WWE Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes was once proven strolling into the OVO Hydro. We see AJ Kinds sitting and taking a look contemplative. WWE Ladies’s Champion Bayley will secure her name in opposition to Piper Niven. International Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest is proven at the display and will get boisterous boos. Drew McIntyre’s look will get a LOUD ovation.

Video: Drew McIntyre narrates the WWE Collision on the Fortress hype video.

We progress are living into the OVO Hydro for Glasgow, Scotland’s first Top rate Are living Tournament.

“You don’t want none.”

AJ Kinds makes his technique to the hoop to boos from the society. Kinds is making ready to compete for the Undisputed WWE Championship in an “I Quit” Fit. Kinds poses within the WWE ring, decorated with a Top Power brand within the middle.

“Wrestling has more than one royal family.”

Undisputed WWE Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes makes his technique to the hoop to a HUGE ovation. The society loudly sings each and every lyric of his theme track. Rhodes seems to be fired up. To this point, there were refuse pyrotechnics for this display for the preliminary appearing of the world or for Kinds’ or Rhodes’ entrances. Rhodes embraces his mom, “Mama Rhodes” Michelle, at ringside.

Undisputed WWE Championship
“I Quit” Fit”
“The Phenomenal” AJ Kinds vs. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (c)

Samantha Irvin does the hoop bulletins as soon as each males are within the ring. The shape from the society is really electrical as they chant for Rhodes. WWE manufacturing botched the crystal clear for Rhodes, appearing a picture of the WWE Ladies’s Tag Workforce Championship and “TALENT NAME” in daring. The referee makes use of the microphone to provide an explanation for the foundations of the “I Quit” Fit.

The bell rings, and Rhodes temporarily kicks him within the midsection earlier than shedding ill and hitting an uppercut. Rhodes punches away at him within the nook earlier than whipping him difficult face-first into the second one turnbuckle. Rhodes bounces Kinds’ face off the govern turnbuckle and punches him ill. Kinds reverses a shoot to the other nook, however Rhodes slingshots over him and hits a snap powerslam. Rhodes is going for a Extremity Kick however Kinds counters into an inverted atomic leave. Kinds chops “The American Nightmare” and punches him. Kinds has him within the nook and hits some chops earlier than whipping him sternum-first into the nook. Rhodes drops to his knees with the breeze knocked out of him. The society is UNREAL. Rhodes slides out of a slam and hits some stinging left jabs, adopted via a Bionic Elbow. Kinds is rocked. Rhodes hits the ropes and dropkicks him off the apron. The referee assessments on Kinds and asks if he quits. Kinds growls, “Get out.”

Rhodes is going below the hoop and pulls out a desk to a noisy ovation. Rhodes is going again below the hoop and pulls out a 2d desk. Rhodes units up the desk akin the apron. Kinds is on his toes, so Kinds pushes him into the metal steps. Kinds won’t abandon. Rhodes grabs him and sends him over the preserve into the ocean of humanity within the OVO Hydro. Kinds stands at the preserve and is derived off with a double ax deal with. Rhodes starts punching Kinds into the society. Kinds fights again, however Rhodes temporarily cuts him off. Rhodes hits him within the head with a fan’s drink and rakes the again. Kinds temporarily sends Rhodes headfirst right into a steel preserve. Kinds drives Rhodes thru a door, and they’re preventing behind the curtain. Rhodes bounces him HARD off the wall and punches him thru a slim hallway. Rhodes bounces him off a highway crate. They’re preventing within the Gorilla Place. Bruce Prichard is proven within the background. Kinds chokes Rhodes with a cord, however Rhodes fights out of it. They assemble their approach in the course of the entranceway and are preventing at the ramp. Rhodes knees him within the midsection and punches him in opposition to a steel preserve. Rhodes has him again to ringside akin the desk, however Kinds punches away.

They get within the ring, and Kinds takes him ill earlier than making use of the Determine 4 Leglock within the middle of the hoop. Kinds calls in ache, however he’ll now not abandon. Rhodes cinches within the book. Kinds desperately will get to the base rope, however there are not any rope breaks or disqualifications. Kinds pulls himself over the apron plenty to pull back from the book. Rhodes grabs Kinds at the apron and is going for a suplex into the hoop. Kinds counters out and suplexes Rhodes (and himself) OVER the govern rope! Kinds quickly will get on his toes and stuns Rhodes with a Demise Valley Motive force onto the statement desk. Kinds next hits him with a brainbuster at the desk! Wow! The referee asks Rhodes if he’ll abandon. Rhodes emphatically responds, “No!” Kinds makes use of the microphone to accident Rhodes within the head and sends him into the timekeeper’s branch. Kinds walks over and talks trash to Mama Rhodes!

Rhodes is busted huge noticeable from touchdown at the ringbell! Kinds is happy and yelps, “We’ve got a bleeder!” Kinds punches him and rolls Rhodes into the hoop. Rhodes fights again, however Kinds temporarily cuts him off and stomps the pinnacle. Kinds talks trash to the society, and Glasgow responds with jeers. Kinds places Rhodes on his shoulders and converses with the ushigoroshi. The referee asks Rhodes if he quits, and Rhodes says, “Absolutely not!” Kinds punches away on the snip on Rhodes’ brow, however Rhodes nonetheless refuses to publish. Rhodes fights again with some proper arms. Rhodes hits the ropes, however Kinds takes him ill with a dropkick. Kinds laughs because the society groans.

Rhodes is crawling at ringside. Kinds bounces Rhodes’ face off the hoop steps. The society begins to chant, “F**k you, AJ!” Kinds tells them, in some way, that they’re primary. Kinds gets rid of the govern half of of the metal steps and units up for a Kinds Collision off the stairs and to the ground, as he did on SmackDown a couple of weeks again, however Kinds counters with a again physique leave!

Rhodes will get within the ring, and the society is loudly chanting for him. Kinds will get within the ring, and Rhodes punches away at him. Rhodes absorbs a collision mixture and converses with a Extremity Kick. Rhodes poses within the middle of the hoop and grabs Kinds for Move Rhodes, however Kinds counters with a knee to the face. Kinds hits a Pele Kick, adopted via a DDT. Rhodes defiantly refuses to abandon. Kinds fishhooks the mouth and elbows him within the nostril. Kinds is going to ringside and retrieves a metal chair from below the hoop. The society chants, “We want tables.” Kinds will get within the ring and places the metal chair round Rhodes’ neck earlier than shedding a knee on it! Rhodes rolls round in despair and holds his neck. The referee asks Rhodes if he quits. Rhodes manages to mention, “No!” Kinds grabs a kendo stick from below the hoop and cracks Rhodes within the again and legs with it. Rhodes drops right down to the canvas. Kinds continues to sell off with shot then shot from the kendo stick. Kinds holds up a dazed Rhodes’ face. Kinds calls for that he abandon this fit. Rhodes yelps, “Hell no!”

Kinds is disgusted and paces the hoop, questioning what he can do to the reigning Undisputed WWE Champion to assemble him abandon. Kinds takes a belt and whips Rhodes with it a number of occasions. Kinds tries to importance the belt to wrap round Rhodes’ head, however the blood has made his brow too slick for the belt to fondle. Kinds tosses the belt apart and applies an STF. Rhodes is refusing to abandon, however the referee helps to keep the microphone in his face simply in case he’s had plenty. Rhodes seems to be fading and looks as if he’s subconscious. Kinds releases the STF and says he must be declared the winner for the reason that champion is subconscious. The referee is explaining that Rhodes has to mention, “I quit.”

Kinds is going out of the hoop and grabs a H2O bottle earlier than throwing it at Rhodes to wake him up. Kinds grabs a unlit bag from below the hoop and will get in. The society thinks it’s thumbtacks, however Kinds says he’s were given one thing higher. Kinds finds a couple of handcuffs. Kinds handcuffs Rhodes’ arms at the back of his again, a los angeles Mankind vs. The Rock from the “I Quit” Fit on the 1999 Royal Rumble. Kinds beats Rhodes with the kendo stick, however Rhodes gained’t publish. Kinds seems to be at Mama Rhodes and yelps, “It’s all your damn fault.” Kinds is going to ringside and will get in her face. Mama Rhodes name callings him again. Kinds pokes her within the chest, so she slaps him within the face a couple of occasions. Kinds grabs a metal chair and threatens her with it earlier than coming into the hoop and beating her son’s again with it. Kinds places a metal chain round his forearm and is going to the apron. Kinds is going for a Exceptional Forearm, however Rhodes throws the chair in his face, knocking him off the govern rope and in the course of the desk at ringside!

Rhodes has been in a position to get his arms below his toes to deliver his handcuffed hands to the entrance of his physique. Kinds crawls over to the important thing and unlocks the cuffs. The society chants, “This is awesome.” Kinds slowly rolls into the hoop, and Rhodes greets him with a handcuffed punch to the cranium. Kinds is busted noticeable! Rhodes sidesteps an avalanche and hits a throat thrust. Rhodes rakes the ocular and converses with a vicious Cody Cutter! Rhodes is really fired up! Rhodes grabs Kinds, yelps, “You’re gonna say it,” and hits the Move Rhodes! The society needs any other, so Rhodes obliges them with a 2d Move Rhodes. Kinds is ill within the middle of the hoop. Rhodes drops a chair at the Top Power brand and hits Kinds with a Move Rhodes at the chair! The society chants, “You deserve it!” Rhodes tells the referee to not ask Kinds anything else. Rhodes grabs the metal chair, however he throws it apart. Rhodes is going to the apron however next will get again within the ring. Kinds places the handcuff on Kinds’ left wrist and places the alternative finish at the center rope! Rhodes viciously beats Kinds ill with the chair, hitting him in the back and front of his physique. Kinds collapses in ache, so Rhodes smashes him within the knee with the chair! The referee asks Kinds if he quits. Kinds turns out like he’s earlier than announcing, “Screw you, Cody Rhodes!” Rhodes hits him within the midsection with the chair and is going out of doors the hoop to take hold of the govern half of of the metal steps. Rhodes throws the stairs into the hoop. Kinds holds the stairs over his head, and Kinds seems to be terrified. Kinds has refuse selection however to cry, “I quit! I quit!” The bell rings!

Winner and nonetheless Undisputed WWE Champion: “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes

The society starts making a song Rhodes’ track, however Rhodes has now not dropped the stairs. Despite the fact that Kinds abandon, Rhodes makes a decision to break him with the stairs anyway! Rhodes stands on govern of the stairs and holds up the Undisputed WWE Championship!

Replays are proven of the highlights from this fit. Rhodes embraces his mom and heads up the ramp. As Rhodes poses in entrance of the degree, Solo Sikoa comes up from at the back of, clapping for him. Rhodes seems to be in a position to battle, however Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa blindside him! The Bloodline triple-teams Rhodes earlier than Randy Orton and Kevin Owens ran over for the save! They struggle off the Bloodline and get up majestic with the Undisputed WWE Champion.

Video: “Main Event” Jey Uso spotlight reel.

WrestleMania 41 is coming to Las Vegas on April 19 and April 20, 2025.

Video: Alba Fyre and Isla Break of day provide an explanation for who they’re and what Scotland way to them.

WWE Ladies’s Tag Workforce Championship
Triple Ultimatum Tag Workforce Fit
Alba Fyre and Isla Break of day vs. Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark vs. Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill (c’s)

Shayna Baszler, Isla Break of day, and Bianca Belair get started the fit. Belair fights them off and sends Break of day out of the hoop. Baszler assaults Belair, however Belair fights her off. Belair hits Baszler with a shoulder to the midsection within the nook. Belair hits some punches earlier than backflipping over Break of day. Belair hits her with a backbreaker. Belair flips thru a again suplex from Baszler and does an O’Connor Roll for a two-count. Belair name callings Baszler earlier than flipping over her and hits a again suplex. Belair hits Baszler with a handspring status moonsault, however Break of day breaks up the pin.

Alba Fyre tags in to a weighty ovation from her house nation. Zoey Stark and Jade Cargill additionally tag in. Stark and Fyre double-team Cargill. They follow a double wristlock to Cargill, however Cargill quickly powers up and shoves them off. Cargill hits Stark and Fye with a double clothesline earlier than knocking Break of day off the apron. Cargill is going from side to side hitting Fyre and Stark with avalanches. Cargill hits Stark with a short-arm clothesline. Fyre boots Cargill again, however Cargill presses her over her head earlier than placing her on her shoulders. Stark fees, however Cargill additionally catches her! Cargill is protecting Fyre and Stark earlier than hitting a Samoan Let fall/fallaway slam combo! Cargill kips up! Belair tags in. Cargill and Belair slam Fyre and next Break of day. Cargill slams Belair onto Break of day. Baszler and Stark run in, however Cargill and Belair snip them off. They accident stereo-delayed vertical suplexes earlier than kipping up. The society provides Belair and Cargill a pleasant ovation.

Baszler and Fyre get within the ring and brutally beat Belair ill earlier than sending her into the hoop publish. Stark and Break of day rush Cargill off the apron, and Fyre rocks Cargill with a suicide dive. Baszler and Stark accident Cargill with a double-team suplex at the ground. Break of day next comes off the apron with a meteora on Cargill. Break of day and Stark tag in and assault Belair. Stark next breaks the alliance with Break of day and rocks her with a forearm. Baszler tags in and assaults Break of day. Baszler knees Break of day within the face. Stark tags in and hits a springboard twisting senton. Stark next hits Belair with a clothesline. Baszler kicks Break of day in opposition to the ropes. Break of day reverses a shoot, however she misses a clothesline. Stark fickle tags in and hits a springboard missile dropkick on Break of day. Baszler hits an inverted gutwrench suplex on Break of day, and Stark covers for a two-count. Baszler and Stark arrange for a double-team, however Break of day fights out.

Fyre tags in and forearms Baszler earlier than hitting Stark with a superkick. Fyre hits Baszler with a twister DDT moment kicking Belair ill. Fyre will get Baszler and Stark out of the hoop. The society is on their toes for Fyre. Fyre hits a horrifying somersault senton off the govern rope onto Baszler and Stark! Fyre will get Baszler within the ring and hits a missile dropkick. 1… 2… Belair breaks up the pin. Fyre will get Belair out of the hoop and tags Break of day in. Fyre is going to the govern rope, however Baszler sends Break of day into her. Stark assaults Fyre at the govern rope, however Fyre fights her off. Baszler joins in to snip Fyre off. Break of day hits Baszler with a powerbomb, and Baszler hits Fyre with a superplex. Belair is going to the second one rope and grabs Stark for a superplex. Belair lands top on her shoulders!

Cargill pulls herself to the apron and will get tagged in. Cargill is going for a springboard, however she slips and lands on her face! The new tag momentum is useless. Cargill will get up, composes herself, and runs wild on her fighters. Baszler applies a Kirifuda Grasp, and Cargill looks as if she’s tapping out. The referee doesn’t name it. Baszler has her at the mat. Belair breaks up the Kirifuda Grasp with a 450 Spray, however she most commonly overshoots. The society is peaceful now. Belair and Cargill deliver it again a little with a pleasant DDT/German Suplex combo. Break of day pulls Cargill away and covers Baszler for the win!

Winners via Pinfall and pristine WWE Ladies’s Tag Workforce Champions: Alba Fyre and Isla Break of day

The society is in disbelief and roars in approbation for the house nation girls. Fyre and Break of day praise with their households at ringside. Fyre’s mom was once killed in a horrendous automotive crash a couple of weeks again. Fyre is emotional, rightly so. What a week! They pose within the ring with the titles because the society chants, “You deserve it!”

WWE places over having SmackDown on the OVO Hydro endmost evening.

Video: WWE Intercontinental Championship

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Chad Gable w/ Alpha Academy (Otis and Maxxine Dupri) vs. Sami Zayn (c)

The Uncle Good day QR code seems at the display. It says we have been warned. The bloodbath is coming.

The bell rings, and so they get up around the ring from one any other. They lock up within the middle of the hoop and battle in opposition to the ropes for place. Zayn presses Gable into the nook and teases a proper hand earlier than backing up and giving a blank fracture. The society sings Sami Zayn’s title to the theme of “Baby, Give It Up.” They lock up once more, and Gable will get Zayn within the nook earlier than facewashing him. Gable backs up, and the society chants one thing at him. Zayn wrenches the arm, however Gable rolls thru to opposite the power. Gable applies an aspect headlock earlier than hitting a takeover. Zayn kips out of it and places Gable in a head-scissor, however Gable kips up out of that. We’re at a stalemate.

Gable applies an aspect headlock and cinches it in. Zayn whips him off, drops ill, does a leapfrog, and hits a couple of arm drags. Gable avoids a 3rd and is going for an Ankle Lock, however Zayn scurries to the base rope. Gable smacks Zayn at the chest. Gable applies an aspect headlock. Zayn whips him off, drops ill, and next sends him over the govern rope. Zayn hits the ropes and is going for a dive, however Gable strikes. Zayn rather backflips off the govern rope again into the hoop. Gable talks technique with Alpha Academy at ringside. Gable will get at the apron, however he is going again to ringside. Zayn is going out of doors to get him, however Gable will get again within the ring. Zayn seems to be at Otis, and the society EXPLODES! Otis stares again at Zayn. Zayn tells Otis to hear the society earlier than getting again within the ring. Gable yelps at Otis to forget about the society.

Zayn talks a tiny trash to Gable, so Gable slaps him within the face. Zayn slaps again. They alternate some slaps earlier than Zayn hits a headlock takeover. Gable temporarily will get out and applies an Ankle Lock, however Zayn temporarily grabs the base rope. Gable kicks the hand that grabbed the rope and sends him difficult into the turnbuckles. Gable assaults the arm and listens to the society. Gable chops Zayn within the nook and hits a northern lighting suplex for a two-count. Gable applies an overhead wristlock. The society sings that Gable is a “wanker.” Zayn elbows out. Gable reverses a shoot to the nook. Zayn drops him at the apron, however Gable snaps the injured arm off the govern rope. Gable tells Otis to center of attention and will get again within the ring. Gable punches away at Zayn within the nook earlier than slicing the chest. Gable forearms him within the face a couple of occasions and tells Otis to be in a position. Gable fees, however Zayn boots him again and hits a flight elbow to the pinnacle off the second one rope. Zayn comes off the second one rope with any other flight elbow to the brow. Zayn chops and punches Gable ill earlier than clutching his left arm in ache. Gable sends him into the ropes, however Zayn springboards over him. Zayn clotheslines him over the govern rope. Gable nearly doesn’t progress over, however they pressure it to occur. Zayn next hits a split-legged moonsault to the ground on Gable.

Zayn will get Gable within the ring and pulls himself to the govern rope. Zayn leaps, however Gable dropkicks him out of midair for a akin fall. Gable is going for a German Suplex, however Zayn elbows out. Zayn makes an attempt a German Suplex, however Gable fights it. Gable hits the ropes, however Zayn hits him with a one-armed Michinoku Motive force for a akin fall. Zayn makes an attempt a Blue Thunder Bomb, however his arm is just too injured to boost Gable. Gable snatches the injured left arm and twists it earlier than hitting an unpleasant powerbomb. Gable comes off the govern rope with a flight head-butt! 1… 2… Zayn kicks out. Gable hits a couple of German Suplexes. Zayn fights the 3rd and hits Gable with a German Suplex. Zayn rolls thru right into a 2d German Suplex on Gable. Zayn pulls him up for a 3rd, however Gable fights it. They each and every do a number of status switches earlier than Zayn spikes him with a half-and-half suplex for a akin fall!

Each males are ill. Replays display that Gable landed at the govern of his head on that suplex. They get to their toes exchanging punches. Zayn is going wild on him, however Gable cuts him off with a takedown. Gable applies a crossface and cinches within the gruesome maneuver. Zayn fights in the course of the ache and rolls out earlier than making use of a crossface to Gable. Gable fights out of it and applies the Ankle Lock! Gable cinches it in, however Zayn gained’t publish. Zayn just about will get to the base rope, so Gable drags him to the middle of the hoop. Zayn counters out with a roll-up to pick out up a akin fall. Gable isn’t glad.

Gable is going to ringside and grabs the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Gable next arms it to Maxxine Dupri. Gabel will get within the ring and chokes Zayn at the ropes earlier than the referee backs him up. Gable secretly motions to Maxxine to accident Zayn with the name, however she will’t deliver herself to do it. Gable isn’t glad. He shouts her as much as the apron and admonishes her. Gable says he’s bored with her by no means listening. Zayn is going for a Helluva Kick, however Gable sidesteps him. Zayn just about hits Maxxine, however he places the brakes on. Gable hits Zayn with Chaos Idea! 1… 2… Zayn slightly kicks out!

Gable leaves the hoop and angrily shouts at her. Maxxine is limping round in her strolling boot. Otis steps between the two of them and will get in Gable’s face for most likely the loudest ovation thus far! Otis shoves Gable away and takes a somersault senton from Zayn. That was once supposed for Gable. Gable hits Zayn and Otis with a moonsault oppose to the ground. Gable will get him within the ring and is going to the govern rope for a moonsault. Gable lands on his toes when Zayn strikes, however Zayn temporarily catches him with an exploder into the nook. Zayn is going for a Helluva Kick, however his injured leg provides out. Gable will get out of the hoop to get well. Zayn is going out of doors and bounces Gable off the announce desk. Gable reverses a shoot into the preserve. Zayn jumps to the govern of the preserve, however Gable sweeps the toes and applies the Ankle Lock! Zayn rolls thru, sending Gable into Maxxine’s injured leg! Otis thinks Gable did that on objective. This is identical factor that came about a couple of weeks again on Uncooked when Gable driven Zayn into Otis, who inadvertently knocked Maxxine off the apron. Gable will get within the ring and clear of the enraged Otis. Otis threatens to accident Zayn, however he rather carries the injured Maxxine away. Gable isn’t glad. Zayn next crushes him with a Helluva Kick for the win!

Winner via Pinfall and nonetheless WWE Intercontinental Champion: Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn celebrates together with his championship. As he walks away, he locks ocular with Chad Gable, who’s shaking he’s so indignant.

WWE SummerSlam will snatch park over two nights in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2026. This pace, SummerSlam will snatch park in Cleveland, Ohio.

Behind the scenes Interview

Cathy Kelley is behind the curtain with pristine WWE Ladies’s Tag Workforce Champions Alba Fyre and Isla Break of day. Kelley asks what this week way to them. Alba Fyre says they did what they stated they might do. Isla Break of day says the alternative competition had 0 prospect with all the Scotland at the back of them.

Video: Piper Niven spotlight reel

Video: WWE Ladies’s Championship

WWE Ladies’s Championship
Piper Niven w/ Chelsea Inexperienced vs. Bayley (c)

The society loudly sings to Bayley, who’s celebrating her thirty fifth birthday nowadays.

Charles Robinson requires the bell to start out this fit. They progress face-to-face within the middle of the hoop earlier than Bayley shoves her. They get right into a hockey battle. Bayley applies an aspect headlock, however Niven whips her off and hits a shoulder oppose. Bayley is going for a takedown, however Niven shakes her off and hits a scoop slam. Bayley rolls out of the hoop to get well, so Chelsea Inexperienced slaps her within the face. Bayley is going then her, however Niven steps in entrance. Bayley punches away at her earlier than Niven head-butts her ill. Niven will get her within the ring. Bayley applies a waistlock, however Niven knocks her off. Bayley avoids a basement cross-body oppose from Niven. Bayley assaults and hits the ropes, however Inexperienced grabs the ankles. Bayley stomps her arms. Inexperienced will get at the apron and will get in Charles Robinson’s face, poking and pulling on him. Robinson ejects her from ringside to a profusion ovation. Inexperienced flips out.

Niven isn’t glad, however she fights Bayley off and knocks her out of the hoop. Niven hits a rolling senton off the apron onto Bayley! Niven is fired up. Niven will get Bayley within the ring and hits a senton leak for a akin fall. Niven continues to snatch it to the WWE Ladies’s Champion, however Bayley quickly fights again. Niven knocks her to the apron and hits an unpleasant suplex again into the hoop. Bayley landed on her tailbone. Niven covers for a two-count. Niven is going for any other suplex, however Bayley counters right into a DDT. Niven rolls out of the hoop to get well. Bayley hits her with a suicide dive. Bayley pulls her up, however Niven drives her difficult into the apron. Niven will get Bayley within the ring. Bayley hooks the pinnacle, however Niven powers her off. Bayley tees off on Niven’s head with boots. Bayley comes off the second one rope with a scorching shot earlier than going again to the second one rope for a diving elbow. Bayley is going to the govern rope and catches Niven, who was once attending to her toes, with a senton bomb. Bayley is again at the govern rope yet again for a diving elbow leave to pick out up a akin fall.

Bayley will get to her toes and costs, however Niven drops her with a uranage. Niven follows up with a senton leak for a akin fall. The society chants, “Piper Niven.” Niven is going to the second one rope, however Bayley cuts her off. Niven elbows her onto the canvas. Bayley temporarily rebounds with a Bayley-to-Abdominal off the second one rope! Bayley is just too injured to observe up. Chelsea Inexperienced runs ill in a luchador masks. The commentators name her Nacho Chelsea. Referee Charles Robinson doesn’t purchase it. Bayley covers Niven, however Robinson is overdue to look it and will get a two-count. Bayley dropkicks Inexperienced and assaults. Bayley is going for a Rose Plant on Niven, however Niven counters with a NASTY Piper Motive force for a akin fall.

Niven is going to the second one rope for a Vader Bomb, however Bayley will get the toes up. Niven rolls out of the hoop to get well. Bayley is going out of doors and costs, however Niven hits a Boss Guy Slam at the ground! Niven will get her within the ring and is going for a senton leak, however Bayley strikes. Bayley is going for a Rose Plant, however Niven head-butts her ill. Bayley hits her with a crucifix pin for the win!

Winner via Pinfall and nonetheless WWE Ladies’s Champion: Bayley

Tom “The Albatross” Stoltman, the International’s Most powerful Guy, is at ringside. The commentators are having a dozen of a laugh at ringside.

WWE Cash within the Deposit is approaching July 6, 2024!

Good enough, I’ve were given a previous legal responsibility! I’m creating a scorching tag to Jerome Wilen! Have a just right one, everybody!

Sizzling tag made…

We’re in a position for primary match! We now have a the Inveraray and District Pipe Band (Scottish bagpipes) coming right down to the hoop enjoying “Scotland the Brave” as a part of Drew McIntyre’s ring front.

The track of the challenger for the WWE International Heavyweight Championship hits, as he makes his approach out to the hoop with a weighty ovation from his place of origin lovers! He has a Ok on his wrist band for his spouse Kaitlyn, who’s again within the states improving from catastrophe surgical treatment. They put the decibel meter at the display appearing it peaking at just below 100 with 98! The lovers start to chant “Oh Drew McIntyre”, because the decibel meter is proven once more and peaks at 101, earlier than falling again to 98.

The track of the champion Damian Priest hits later to weighty boos from the lovers. The Champion makes his approach out and walks slowly right down to the hoop. The statement staff reminds us that the remainder of Judgment Age is barred from ringside for this fit.

Samantha Irvin makes the respectable introductions, with McIntyre first, next adopted via the champion.

WWE Heavyweight Championship Fit: Damian Priest (c) defends in opposition to Drew McIntyre

The bell rings as we’re underway! Each males stare at each and every alternative because the lovers progress wild! Each males lock up within the middle of the hoop. Drew pushes Priest to the nook. He pushes Priest ill at the mat and flexes. Drew fees at Priest and drops him with a couple of clotheslines as he rolls to the ground! Drew next flies over the ropes and lands on Priest at the out of doors. Priest is up and next forces Drew into the hoop publish. Drew is ill as Priest name callings the society. Drew is again within the ring as Priest hits drew with a weighty left hand because the motion is again i the hoop. Drew selections up Priest and next chops him. Priest fees at Drew, however he catches him and drops him with a weighty spinebuster. Drew covers Priest for just a two rely. Drew chops Priest. Priest next selections up Drew and drops him. Priest selections up Drew and tosses him at the mat. Priest covers Drew, however he kicks out at two! Drew next chops Priest, who next comes again with a weighty proper hand on Drew.

Drew is up at the ropes and is derived ill, however Priest strikes out of the way in which. Drew next selections up Priest and slams him at the mat. Drew covers him, however the champion kicks out at two. Drew is going for a DDT, however Priest escapes and rolls to the ground. Drew sends Priest into the Top Drink desk and next chops him. The motion is again at the ring apron. Priest drops Drew and next leaps over the ropes, however will get stuck within the ropes as Drew kicks Priest who’s striking the wrong way up. Priest remains to be stuck within the ropes as Drew will get Priest disconnected and chops Priest. This appeared like a horrifying week the way in which Priest landed together with his ankle stuck within the ropes, as I don’t suppose this a part of the fit came about as deliberate…

Drew selections up Priest and suplexes him. Drew covers the champion, however he kicks out at two. Drew chops Priest…he comes again with a weighty boot on Drew and sends him to the mat. Priest grabs Drew, however he’s despatched first to the publish…Drew delivers a era injury DDT on Priest and covers him, however Priest kicks out at two. Drew chops Priest and next sends him to the nook. Priest will get a boot up and kicks Drew as he is going ill.

Priest is up at the govern rope. Drew will get up and chops Priest. Drew is on the second one rope hitting Priest. Drew seems to be in order White Noise, however Priest counters and drops Drew with the razors edge! Priest covers Drew for just a two rely. Each males are on their knees having a slug fest in the course of the hoop. Each males get to their toes and proceed to industry rights and lefts within the middle of the hoop. Priest next nails Drew, who next fires again with a proper hand. Priest kicks Drew within the mid-section. Priest next nails Drew two times with weighty kicks, however Drew gained’t progress ill. Drew comes again and drops Priest with a neckbreaker as each males are ill. Drew will get fired up as he again to his toes! The lovers are going wild. Drew units up for the claymore…Priest rolls to the ground…Drew next hits Priest at the ground with a claymore kick, sending Priest in the course of the preserve…

The motion is again within the ring. Drew is going for a claymore, however counters and selections him up and drops him with a south of heaven chokeslam. He covers Drew, who kicks out at two! We get that is superior chants from the Scotland lovers. Priest units Drew up at the govern rope and chops him. Priest climbs the ropes, as Drew hits Priest within the again, sending him to the mat. Priest is again up and next flips Drew onto the mat…Drew next comes again and hits a claymore kick on Priest…Drew covers Priest, however he gained’t keep ill, as he kicks out at two!

We get “oh Drew McIntyre” chants once more from the 11,391 in attendance. Drew grabs Priest, however he sends Drew the nook. We get a ref bump because the ref is shipped to ground, crashing into the preserve via Priest, which was once an crash. Drew hits Priest with a claymore…an respectable runs to the hoop, and counts, however Priest kicks out at two. The respectable is CM PUNK! The lovers boo! Drew will get within the face of Punk, who’s within the nook. Punk next low-blows Drew. The ref next will get again within the ring as he didn’t see Punk had low-blowed Drew. Priest next selections up Drew and drops him difficult to the mat with a south of heaven chokeslam. Priest covers Drew to get the pin and keeps the championship. The lovers are calm and in disbelief. Punk top fives some lovers at ringside who’re Punk lovers.

As Drew recovers in disbelief, the display is going off the wind.

Winner via pinfall and nonetheless WWE International Heavyweight Champion: Damian Priest

Fast Fit Effects

— “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (c) def. “The Phenomenal” AJ Kinds in an “I Quit” Fit to reserve the Undisputed WWE Championship

— Alba Fyre and Isla Break of day def. Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark, and Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill (c’s) in a Triple Ultimatum Tag Workforce Fit to win the WWE Ladies’s Tag Workforce Championship

— Sami Zayn (c) def. Chad Gable to reserve the WWE Intercontinental Championship

— Bayley (c) def. Piper Niven to reserve the WWE Ladies’s Championship

—Damian Priest (c) def. Drew McIntyre to reserve the WWE International Heavyweight Championship

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