When Bobby Deol Revealed Vidhu Vinod Chopra Bit Manoj Bajpayee Wife Neha aka Shabana Raza Hand Out Of Anger While Shooting Kareeb
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New Delhi. Manoj Bajpayee (Manoj Bajpayee) are counted among those actors who came out of a small town and earned their name in Bollywood. Due to his strong and brilliant acting, he made a different identity in Bollywood. Today Manoj is included in the list of top actors of the industry. Like Manoj, his wife Shabana Raza (Shabana Raza) aka Neha Bajpai (Neha Bajpai) has also been a very famous actress of Bollywood. She has done many great films in her film career, but it is a matter of regret that she could not appear in films for a long time and after doing only a few films, she got away from Bollywood and limelight. There is also a big reason behind his staying away from films.

Please tell that Manoj and Shabana were married in 2006. The couple also has a daughter named Ava Nayla. Films Door Shabana is quite happy in her married life. The incident we are talking about today was before Shabana’s marriage. When she was about to step into films.

Shabana Raza made her debut with Bobby Deol
Shabana Raza married Bobby Deol in the year 1998.Bobby Deol) started his Bollywood journey with. The film in which Shabana was paired with Bobby was named ‘Kareeb’.Kareeb)’ Was. The film was directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra (Vidhu Vinod Chopra) directed. Along with the film, its two songs ‘Chura Lo Na Dil Mera Sanam’ and ‘Chori Chori Jab Nazaren Milen’ were also huge hits. At the same time, Ajay-Shabana’s chemistry in the film was also excellent. During the shooting of this film, something happened to Shabana, about which her co-star Bobby Deol (Bobby Deol) had surprised everyone by telling in an interview of Filmfare. He had talked about this about three years ago today.

kareeb movie

Bobby Deol had revealed
Recalling the ‘Kareeb’ shooting scene in the year 2021, Bobby Deol revealed in an interview that perhaps he was a star kid, so he was not treated the same way as the film’s heroine Neha i.e. Shabana. Neha used to get scolded a lot on the sets. Bobby had told that during the shooting of a scene, Neha had to come down from the mountains and extend her right hand, but every time she forgot and extended her other right hand. After 20 – 22 takes, Vidhu Vinod Chopra was upset with Neha and Neha was nervous.

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The director had cut off his hand
After this, what Bobby told further was quite shocking. He further disclosed that a troubled Vidhu Vinod Chopra advised Neha to cut teeth on his right hand so that he would remember which hand to put forward. Neha obeyed the director and made a mark on her hand by biting her teeth, but even after doing this, Neha made a mistake during the scene. In such a situation, Vidhu Vinod Chopra got upset and cut a tooth on Neha’s right hand in anger. Everyone was stunned to see him doing this.

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Manoj Bajpayee married actress Shabana Raza in the year 2006.

Shabana did not want to appear in films
Let us tell you that once Shabana had told in an interview given to Rediff. Shabana Raza aka Neha never wanted to work in films, but after Vidhu Vinod Chopra told her many times, she stepped into films and made her debut in his film. He told that the director saw him on TV and offered him to work in films, although he refused. Nevertheless, he followed them and then talked to Shabana’s parents and convinced them. Neha came in films after the parents told her.
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was forced to change the name
Let us tell you that Vidhu Vinod Chopra had changed Shabana’s name to Neha and launched her in the film with the same name. Neha had also said that a lot of pressure was put on her to change her name, which was not right for her. She did not want to change her name because her parents had proudly named her Shabana but no one listened to her. Let us tell you that after gaining recognition by the name Neha for a long time, the actress made a comeback in the film Alibaug with her real name Shabana Raza.

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