This actor used to increase the fee with every film by saying ‘I am not…the movie is a flop’, this actor quit SI job, know his real name

This actor used to increase the fee with every film by saying 'I am not...the movie is a flop', this actor quit SI job, know his real name
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Mumbai: Many powerful actors came and went in Bollywood, but no one could replace Rajkumar (Raaj Kumar). On the basis of his strong style and strong acting, he made his own identity in the industry and even today the fans are convinced of his voice (Raaj Kumar Famous Dialogue). Rajkumar is one of those Bollywood actors who not only made a mark in the industry, but also convinced everyone with his outspoken words. Rajkumar was vocal not only in films but also in real life. He always used to work on his own terms. Not only this, it was difficult for anyone to tell when his temper rises, when he gets angry with someone. Many stories related to Rajkumar are popular, one of which is also related to his flop films and fees.

Rajkumar, who started his career with the film ‘Rangili’, was not only fearless on screen, but was also very outspoken in real life. Because of which very few people liked him in the industry. Some even shied away from talking to him. He left the job of sub-inspector and turned towards acting. Rajkumar gave hit films throughout his career, including many films like Saudagar, Mother India, Neel Kamal, Pakija, Police, Mujrim and Dil Apna Preet Parai.

But, the list of his flop films is also not small. However, these flop films had no effect on Rajkumar’s fees, on the contrary, he used to increase his fees with every flop film. Because, Rajkumar believed that the film was not a flop. In such a situation, he used to increase the fee by 1 lakh with each of his films, due to which many times the makers would get upset.

prince’s real name
Rajkumar was born on October 8, 1926 in Balochistan, even the real name of Rajkumar was not the one by which he became famous everywhere. His name before entry in films Kulbhushan Pandit Used to be, which he later changed to Rajkumar. When the country was partitioned in 1947, his entire family came to India and settled in Mumbai. Here he got a job in the police. Once filmmaker Baldev Dubey met him, he liked Rajkumar’s style very much. He offered the film to Rajkumar and he immediately resigned from his job.

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Rajkumar’s real name was Kulbhushan Pandit.

These dialogues of Rajkumar are famous even today
Rajkumar’s style of speaking was quite different. This was the reason that many dialogues of his films became very popular. ‘Those whose houses are made of glass, they do not throw stones at others’, ‘Sweetheart, we will kill you and will surely kill you, but the gun will be ours, the bullet will also be ours and the time will also be ours’, ‘Sweetheart, we will kill you’ Those who don’t have antimony from the eyes, steal only the eyes’ like all the dialogues of Rajkumar are very popular.

Prince passed away
The voice for which Rajkumar became famous, he lost his voice while leaving. He had throat cancer, due to which he lost his voice. The actor wanted only his family members to participate in his last journey and it happened. When the actor passed away, only family members attended his funeral. His family had informed the media and fans about his death only after the last rites of the actor.

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