The set was ready for Rajesh Khanna in Kashmir, BR Chopra was waiting, but the chef arrived by aeroplane.

The set was ready for Rajesh Khanna in Kashmir, BR Chopra was waiting, but the chef arrived by aeroplane.
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Mumbai: Rajesh Khanna Made his position in the film industry with a lot of hard work. But it is said that a man’s mind also gets spoiled by more success, something similar happened with Rajesh Khanna as well. BR Chopra, who first tasted Rajesh’s first hit film ‘Ittefaq’, once troubled this actor badly. Let’s tell this interesting story.

In earlier times, there was no internet like today, it was very difficult to send messages to people far and wide. The Rajesh Khanna starrer film ‘Karma’ was produced by BR Chopra. BR Chopra was sitting in Srinagar having decorated the entire set. All the actors of the film had reached two days in advance for the location and rehearsal. On the day of shooting, the entire crew was waiting for Rajesh. On the day Rajesh was to come, many fans living nearby had also reached.

Rajesh Khanna did not reach Srinagar
The person who arrived at the airport with a car started searching for Rajesh Khanna but his whereabouts were nowhere to be found. All the passengers got down but Kaka didn’t get down from the plane, how could he get down because he had not come at all. Neither came himself nor did any message come. Shocked and troubled, when BR Chopra called in Mumbai and wanted to know the reason for Rajesh’s absence, he came to know from the secretary that he was in Mumbai only.

sent your chef by plane
BR Chopra waited for one day, did it for two days, the third day also passed. Rajesh Khanna was neither talking to troubled BR Chopra on the phone, nor was he giving any message. Rajesh himself did not turn up even after three days, but his cook, whose name was Gopal, reached Srinagar on a business class air ticket.

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Rajesh Khanna’s message was brought by the cook
The cook had brought Rajesh Khanna’s message. He told BR Chopra that Kakaji was unwell, so he could not come for the shoot. Hearing this, what would have been the condition of BR Chopra, it can be easily guessed. A lot of time and money is spent in making the set of the film and taking all the frills related to the entire shooting there. But where does Superstar Kaka care about this?

(Note- This information has been taken from Yasir Usman’s book Kuch log to kahenge)

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