Sunil Shetty married a Muslim girl after converting her religion! This is how the heart of ‘Mana’ was won; waited 9 years

Sunil Shetty married a Muslim girl after converting her religion!  This is how the heart of 'Mana' was won;  waited 9 years
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Mumbai. Sunil Shetty has ruled Bollywood for a long time. Sunil Shetty’s love story, which ranges from action hero to comedy and serious character, is also very filmy. Sunil Shetty got married even before debuting in Bollywood. Even after becoming a famous hero, Sunil Shetty saved his relationship and today even after years there is a lot of love between Sunil Shetty and his wife Mana Shetty.

Sunil Shetty stepped into the world of acting in the year 1992 with Divya Bharti in the film Balwaan. Earlier on 25 December 1991, Sunil Shetty had married Afni girlfriend Mana. Both Mana and Sunil Shetty lived together for almost 9 years. Mana was from a Muslim family. Whereas Sunil Shetty comes from South Indian family.

This is how the love story of both started
Sunil Shetty shared his love story in an interview given to Simi Girewal in the year 1998. Sunil Shetty told that I fell in love with Mana the first time I saw it. Sunil Shetty told that I liked Mana at first sight itself. After that I befriended his sister. I also met Mana on the pretext of my sister.

We both had met many times in groups. After this, I told a friend of mine to organize a party in which Mana was also invited. Mana was also my friend’s common friend. After that we spent a lot of time in the party. Also we went on a bike ride together. During this time we realized that we both love each other.


waited for 9 years
Mana and Sunil Shetty’s love story started but it took a long time for both of them to complete their love. Sunil Shetty told in an interview to Simi Girewal that we saw many phases in our relationship but the love between us never diminished. In the beginning, after the relationship started, we thought a lot. Mana’s father was Gujarati Muslim and mother was Punjabi. I was from South India. Our cultures and lifestyles were quite different. We used to be very skeptical about this. Although my parents had seen Mana 1-2 times. When I didn’t talk about it at home for many years, one day Mana went in the car with my father. During this both of them talked and my family members agreed for the marriage.

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Hero made in the industry even after being married
Sunil Shetty stepped into Bollywood in the late 80s. During this time there was a lot of difference in the image of a married hero. But even after that Sunil Shetty never hid the marriage. Sunil Shetty married on 25 December 1991. After this, Sunil’s daughter Athiya Shetty was born on 5 November 1992. The love between the two grew and in the year 1996, Sunil’s son Ahan Shetty was also born. Sunil’s daughter Athiya Shetty is also an actress and Ahaan is also about to debut in films.

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