Suga from BTS Unveils His Long-Awaited “7” Friendship Tattoo on the Last “D-DAY” Performance

Suga from BTS Unveils His Long-Awaited "7" Friendship Tattoo on the Last "D-DAY" Performance
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In 2022, BTS’s friendship tattoos became one of the hottest topics among fans. Each member of the group found their own unique way to reveal their tattoos, solidifying their “family” bond and sending ARMYs into a frenzy. However, one member, Suga, kept his tattoo a secret, leaving fans to play detective in search of it.

Fans thought they had discovered Suga’s tattoo on multiple occasions, only to be proven wrong each time. Suga took pleasure in teasing fans about its whereabouts, leaving them wondering and speculating. However, after what felt like an eternity, Suga finally answered ARMYs’ pleas and revealed his tattoo during the final day of his D-DAY tour.

During the concert, as the camera zoomed in on Suga, he slowly removed his jacket from his shoulder, unveiling a beautiful and delicate “7” tattoo. The crowd erupted in excitement, and Suga seemed amused by their reaction before covering his tattoo back up. The location of the tattoo, as seen in fan videos, explains why it had remained hidden for so long.

When the video of the reveal was released, ARMYs couldn’t contain their emotions. The fact that all seven of the BTS friendship tattoos had finally been revealed was a momentous occasion. For many fans, it was even more meaningful because Suga’s tattoo was on the same shoulder he had injured in the past, just above his scar.

The significance of the tattoo on Suga’s injured shoulder, representing the friendship shared by the seven members, touched the hearts of fans. It symbolized the deep connection and resilience of the group. With all the tattoos now exposed, it is a powerful reminder that BTS will always be a family, whether they are together or pursuing individual endeavors.

The revelation of the tattoos during Suga’s concert perfectly showcased the unity and love within BTS. It served as a reminder that no matter the circumstances, they will always be seven. The bond between the members remains unbreakable, even when they are physically apart, such as when some members are fulfilling military duties.

Overall, the unveiling of BTS’s friendship tattoos was a significant moment for both the group and their dedicated fanbase. It solidified their familial bond and reminded everyone of the deep connection they share. The tattoos serve as a constant reminder that BTS will always be seven, no matter where their individual paths may lead them.

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