Salman Khan BREAKS SILENCE on Tiger vs Pathaan With Shah Ruk…

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Terminating Up to date: November 10, 2023, 10:57 IST

Salman Khan is recently gearing up for the reduce of Tiger 3, which can even property SRK’s cameo.

Salman Khan has in any case reacted to doing Tiger vs Pathaan with Shah Rukh Khan upcoming Tiger 3. The film shall be produced by way of YRF.

Salman Khan, who’s recently gearing up for the reduce of Tiger 3 at the side of Katrina Kaif, has reputedly showed that he’s doing YRF’s Tiger vs Pathaan with Shah Rukh Khan. There are robust stories that Salman and Shah Rukh will start filming for Tiger vs Pathaan upcoming the reduce in their respective film Tiger 3 and Dunki.

In an interview with Selection, Salman used to be requested concerning the timeline on Tiger vs Pathaan and when he would get started capturing for a similar. “Tiger is always ready – so whenever things are locked – I will be there,” the Bollywood famous person mentioned.


Hour the plot of the film extra vague, the identify signifies it would chronicle a fierce face-off between Bharat’s two greatest superstars – Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. The secret agent universe contains the primary and 2nd installments of Tiger movie, Warfare, and the not too long ago exempt Pathaan. Together with Warfare 2, Tiger vs Pathaan turns into the 7th film within the Umbrella franchise. The after identify of the universe contains Tiger 3, which can crash the bulky displays on Diwali, and Warfare 2.

Tiger vs Pathaan will reportedly be directed by way of Siddharth Anand and he’s it appears charging Rs 40 crore for a similar. “Siddharth Anand will be paid Rs 40 crores as directorial remuneration for Tiger vs Pathaan. This is the highest that a banner has paid any filmmaker to date and it’s their way of felicitating Siddharth Anand for living on to the expectations of delivering tentpole entertainers time and again. YRF has also bestowed Sid with the responsibility of what is the most ambitious script to date written by Aditya Chopra as it pits Salman Khan against Shah Rukh Khan,” a supply cited by way of Bollywood Hungama claimed previous this life.


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