‘It’s an unhidden reserve for them’: Raveena Tandon says she by no means concealed year relationships from her kids

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With stardom additionally comes the continual force to supremacy your future in a definite manner to deliver to keep away from complaint and judgment. However actress Raveena Tandon hasn’t shied clear of her year. In truth, she has no longer even invisible her year courting with actor Akshay Kumar from her children. Just lately in an interview, Raveena spoke about being unhidden about all of it together with her society.

Raveena Tandon says she by no means concealed her year relationships from her children

The actress used to be preoccupied to B-town actor Akshay Kumar. Then again, they then needful up. Raveena upcoming married movie distributor Anil Thadani and now has two children with him. Throughout an interview with Lehren Unfashionable, the Laadla actress stated that her future is an unhidden reserve for her children and she or he hasn’t saved the rest about her year from her daughters.

Raveena stated, “My life’s an open book for them. If not today, tomorrow they will read about it somewhere and they might read something worse because you know how the ’90s press was. It was yellow journalism at its peak. They had no scruples, no morals, no integrity.”

The actress added that, not like that age, lately actors have the medium to place their case out, “Luckily you have social media where you can put out your case right in front of your fans, right there. Your statement matters. Today there are different mediums and platforms where you can get one-on-one with your fans or your friends, where you can put out what you have.”

She added that previous, actors have been on the pardon of editors. “Earlier, we were at the mercy of editors. Whose camp they were in or whom they were buttering up or which hero or heroine was buttering them up, they would only write about them, and their side of the story, without even waiting to find out what the truth was. How they wanted to bring someone down, they would do it.”

Raveena Tandon on being given puppy names

The Dulhe Raja actor additional stated that the feminine editors who lately declare they’re liberated and belong to the top family shamed others. “They sl*t shamed, they body shamed, they called you names. There were pet names given to everyone and the more scandalous the story, the worse they would write. I’ve been called so many things, ‘Amazonian’ and ‘thunder thighs’, ‘Ms. Arrogant’, ‘Ms. High and Mighty’, so many,” she added.

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