HYBE criticized for alleged media play games in opposition to Min Hee Jin & alleged manipulation of NewJeans’ oldsters

HYBE criticized for alleged media play games in opposition to Min Hee Jin & alleged manipulation of NewJeans' oldsters
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HYBE criticized for alleged media play games in opposition to Min Hee Jin & alleged manipulation of NewJeans' oldsters

HYBE is these days dealing with complaint for alleged media performs in opposition to Min Hee Jin and alleged manipulation of NewJeans’ oldsters.

On Might 28, media outlet Ilgan Sports activities exempted a document alleging HYBE’s PR segment burdened their journalists to write down detrimental articles about ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. Ilgan Sports activities uncovered HYBE for alleged media performs in opposition to her, declaring, “The goal of this kind of media play is unclear. Are they trying to fire Min Hee Jin? Or make her an outcast in society? HYBE’s nonsensical media play continued. For 3 days, article after article was released about how Min Hee Jin allegedly claimed RIIZETWSILLIT, and BTS were made by copying her.”

In line with Ilgan Sports activities, a HYBE advertising officer had additionally met with media retailers to call for they exclude buyers names from experiences. The media outlet said, “HYBE publicly revealed Min Hee Jin had met with executives for the label’s major shareholders, but then ridiculously demanded the media outlet remove all the names of the executives that were previously revealed.”

Ilgan Sports activities persevered, “The most irrational media play was 20 minutes before HYBE’s press conference when they announced their audit. HYBE released a press statement stating Min Hee Jin was seeing a shaman to run ADOR. The allegations in the press release that claimed Min Hee Jin was being guided by a shaman were all denied by Min Hee Jin the day before in her answers to HYBE’s questioning on the 24th. Even more of a problem is that once Min Hee Jin sent her answers to HYBE’s questioning, HYBE refused to release them and threatened to take legal action against any media outlet that did. Then 20 minutes before the press conference, they released a press statement saying Min Hee Jin was the one threatening legal action.”

The media outlet additional claimed HYBE tried to force information retailers to write down detrimental articles about Min Hee Jin. Ilgan Sports activities said, “After the April 25 audit announcement, HYBE’s head PR representative asked why Ilgan Sports and xx were on Min Hee Jin’s side. We never sided with Min Hee Jin. We only wrote about her press conference.”

Ilgan Sports activities additionally open HYBE were performing in the similar complicated means with the NewJeans contributors’ oldsters. In line with their document, “This shaman report is what made NewJeans’ parents lose faith in HYBE. Three of the members’ parents met with HYBE’s CEO Park Ji Won and the label’s executives. After revealing the shaman allegations to NewJeans’ parents, HYBE told the parents not to share the news with their children as it may hurt them. However, the articles were released just 1 hour after their meeting. The members’ parents then felt they couldn’t trust HYBE as the label pretended to care about their daughters only to release the articles themselves.”

In matching information, HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk was once prior to now accused of ignoring the NewJeans’ contributors after they would greet him in line with one member’s mum or dad.  

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