Honest review of Avatar 2: Why was one fan disappointed with the film?  there is no logic
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new Delhi. When Avatar Movie came 13 years ago in 2009, it was highly appreciated all over the world. It was a great story and filming was not the answer. Then technology was not as advanced as it is today. That’s why it was very pleasing to the eyes to see the people of the other world riding on the big flying birds and the human illusion to fight with them. Such films were expected from Hollywood.

Let’s talk about Avatar: The Way of Water. To be honest about the story of Avatar-2 (Avatar: The Way of Water), there was no such expectation at all. Thought that the story would be 2 steps ahead of the first film. But it was nothing more than a tall shop and a dull dish. Filmmaker James Cameron’s Avatar-2 begins from where the previous Avatar ended. The main characters Jake Sully and Neytiri are happy in Pandora (another world) and have 4 children. Meanwhile, a plane is seen coming from the sky, because humans have attacked once again. Seeing this, the sailors of Pandora get scared. Human vehicles rain shells of fire and an atmosphere of panic is created all around.

there is no connection
When this film started from where the previous one ended, it was understood that the story would also link. The story of the year 2154 is in the first avatar. It has been shown that then there was a decrease in natural resources on the earth. Then the RDA (The Resources Development Administration) locates a valuable mineral Unobtanium on Pandora, a moon in the Alpha Centauri star system. Pandora, whose atmosphere is mostly gaseous, is inhabited by 10-foot-tall (about 3 m), blue-skinned, intelligent humanoids who live happily in the lap of nature.

In Avatar 2, the story is told of the planet Pandora.

In the desire to get a precious mineral, man sent his team to Pandora and later attacked it. It was shown that the price of that precious stone is in billions. The entire game of the previous film revolved around grabbing this precious Vinobenium, but there was no mention of that thing in this film. Why? In this film, he is again sent to Pandoro with a team by making an avatar of Colonel Miles Quaritch, who was killed in the previous film. To do what? Your brain would say that for the same valuable mineral. But no… If you watch the film, you will find that colonel is wandering like a crazy villain of Bollywood to take his revenge. He only wants to eliminate Jake Sully and his family. So does man no longer need that precious mineral? If there is no need, then why spend crores of dollars and send the mission to Pandora again? Avenging the Colonel’s death from Jake Sully and his wife?

Overall, it can be said that the film undoubtedly starts from the same point from where it ended, but the entire plot of the movie has changed. There is no link between the two stories. The one who has seen the first movie will keep on searching for the connection and it will be The End of the movie.

What would poor Jake Sully do?
Human-turned-boatman Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington, is seen running to save his family in the film. He leaves the forest and goes to live in hiding among the boatmen who live on the seashore, so that the forest is safe. Beneath this forest is that valuable mineral, which man wanted to get even by laying dead bodies of sailors. He doesn’t think even once that what will happen to the thing for which so much was wasted last time?

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Cashed in on the popularity of the first film
The ‘real purpose’ of this film made to capitalize on the popularity of the first film seems to be fulfilled. The film has earned more than 4 thousand crores worldwide in just 5 days. The box office collection figure in India has crossed Rs 160 crore.

Why can this movie be seen?
What is written above is my personal view. May be you will like this movie. You will definitely enjoy watching animation and graphics deleting in this new movie. In the previous movie you saw colorful flying birds, in this new movie you will see birds swimming in the water. Big sea creatures and fishes will be seen. If you want to forget the story and the previous film and watch it, you can watch it once.

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