Chhavi Mittal reacts to IG user calling it 'child abuse' to kiss her children: 'Unimaginable'
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Chhavi Mittal, a well-known Indian actress and mother of two children, recently found herself in the midst of controversy when an Instagram user accused her of “child abuse” for kissing her children on the lips. Mittal, who frequently shares pictures and videos with her children on social media, was taken aback by the accusation and took to Instagram to share her thoughts.

In a post, Mittal called the accusation “unimaginable” and stressed the importance of expressing love and affection towards one’s children. She noted that kissing one’s children on the lips is a common practice in many cultures and should not be seen as inappropriate. Mittal also pointed out that children have a natural inclination towards physical affection and may seek it out from their parents.

The controversy sparked a large discussion online, with many parents coming to Mittal’s defense and sharing their own experiences with kissing their children on the lips. Others argued that it is important to respect different cultural norms and practices, and that there is no right or wrong way to show affection towards one’s children.

Despite the divisive opinions on the matter, the incident has brought attention to the larger issue of parenting and the different methods and practices that parents use to raise their children. While there may be varying opinions on what is or is not appropriate, it is important for parents to always act in the best interest of their children and ensure their well-being and happiness.

In conclusion, Mittal’s response to the accusation of “child abuse” highlights the importance of expressing love and affection towards one’s children. While there may be differing opinions on parenting practices, it is crucial for parents to prioritize their children’s needs and ensure that they are raising them with love and care.

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